• The Price is per hour.
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  • Mercedes V CLASS
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  • Departure from Motreux, Vevey, Lausanne.

In Switzerland there are numerous Châteaux, noble houses and domains can be visited on the shores of Leman Lake and landscape. 800 years old regional history and culture meet. Your day trip is a selection of Castles in area where you will be located or you want to visit during your stay, with many additional options on the tour.

Chillon Castle
A romantic place par excellence, the most visited historic in Switzerland, The landmark Chillon Castle originally built in 9th Century. That is a great family destination.
Aigle Castle
Located in the heart of the Chablais Vaudois, surrounded by the vineyard, stands the impressive Castle. ! It was built in the 12th Century, The museum of wine recounts its millennial of story.
Coppet Castle
The chateau de Coppet iwas the family home of the great 18th century banker Jacques Necker, minister of Louis 16th, and Mme de Stael who went into exile there due to her opposition to Napoleon.
Prangins Castle
The Chateau de Prangins was built in the 18th Century by Louis Guiger, a Swiss banker living in Paris and he has hosted illustrious guest from Voltaire to Joseph Bonaparte. This castle will invite you to discover numerous temporary exhibitions.
Nyon Castle
Dating from the late 16th century was restored into a historic museum.The castle proposes a large selection of unique permanent and temporary exhibitions, and including pottery and porcelains exhibitions from the 18th and early 19th century.
La Tour de Peilz castle

The Castle and its History Built in the 13th century by Pierre de Savoie, the castle of La Tour-de-Peilz served as a fortress and refuge, as an observation post of traffic along lake Geneva, and as a customs post. In 1987 the Swiss Museum of Games was inaugurated on the 1st and 2nd floors.

Ripaille Castle, Thonon

Through its grandeur and history, Ripaille is one of the finest sites in the region. Built in 1434 by Duke Amadeus VIII, a Carthusian monastery in the 16th and 17th centuries, and the country house of a businessman-aesthete from 1892, the Castle de Ripaille was a centre of power and religion before being dedicated to the arts and to the «art de vivre». A visit to Ripaille revives all these histories

Romainmotier Abbey

The village of Romainmotier is well known for the Romainmotier Abbey Church build in between 990 and 1030. And on the ruins of the monastery dating back to the 5th and 7th The Romanesque style architecture creates a tranquil atmosphere which provides visitors with healing moments.