Dear partners,
You are a travel agency or tour operator looking, for your clients, for a trip to Switzerland, France and Italy, to the extremely reliable organisation, with a person on site able to receive, accompany and fulfill the wishes of your hosts throughout their stay.

It is with great pleasure that we offer you our collaboration. You can choose and book a trip for a day or several days for your clients from the offers you can find on the website
We propose two forms of cooperation with our partner agencies:

Intermediary agency

At your request, you receive from us an offer to which you add your margin. You present the final amount to the customer. You are free to define your margin. We cooperate with you on a cash basis. In this case, a contract is not necessary.

Partner agency

You sign a partnership agreement with us. As soon as the contract is signed, you receive offers with a commission defined by this contract. Customers make their payment to SWISS PRIVATE TOURS and you receive your commission by bank transfer once the trip is over.

You can order the partner contract by simple request by e-mail. We will not fail to send it to you.